1:18 Acid Rain Gugees Toynami FAV-SP21

1:18 Acid Rain Gugees Toynami  FAV-SP21

Gugees are gentle mutant camelids whose name derives from the sounds they make. Like the Soil Ghosts, they arose after the destruction and desertification of Estancia. Wild gugees are proficient in locating water sources, hence nomadic Soil Ghosts often chart their courses after their tracks. Many tribes also domesticate gugees for agriculture and transportation.

Gugee wool is soft and oily, protecting them from hot temperatures and dehydration. Soil Ghosts trim gugee wool to weave into coats, which young adults wear at coming-of-age ceremonies. After gugees pass away, Soil Ghosts will turn their bodies into various crafts. Gugee horns, when grinded into powder and consumed, produce strong medicinal reactions, and can enhance the effects of other drugs. In tribes with scarce medical resources, gugee horn powder will not be sold to outsiders, but retained for local medical use. Wine made from gugee blood is also a prized health supplement, enjoyed only during the sacrificial month.

Gugee products are popular throughout the world and abundant in Gray Zone black markets. This attracts many poachers to the desert, and some well-equipped poachers even raid Soil Ghost villages. Soil Ghosts execute poachers whenever they catch them, and scatter their bodies to the edge of the desert as a warning to others.

Includes: Gugee x1, Blanket x1, Wineskin x1, Water Bottle x1, Backpack x2, Messenger Bag x1, Storage Bag x2, Hook x10

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1:18 Acid Rain Gugees Toynami  FAV-SP21
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